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Information and Communication Technologies have become the driving force for innovative learning, teaching and research in Caleb University. Today, Caleb University through the emergence of Caleb University Technologies (CUL Technologies) has become a model institution in adoption and utilization of technology for operational efficiency and survival.

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CUL Technologies of Caleb University ICT Centre has rapidly transformed how teaching and learning is delivered, facilitating the University to embrace the rapid technological changes that have seen business transformations from the traditional face-to-face interactions and paper-based mode of communication to today’s usage of web conferencing solutions to conduct meetings and the use of automated services for efficient communication, decision making and routine process such as online processing of applications, admissions, registrations, receipt of income, payments, procurement among other process.

This has improved the efficiency of business processes and delivery of services to the University community and other stakeholders.

At CUL Technologies, we provide dynamic world-class ICT that powers creativity and innovation in the University and associates.

CUL Technologies boasts of rich human resources who have a rich mix of ICT expertise in areas of project management; database and system administration; cloud services provision; ICT Security; system development; hardware maintenance and support engineers and communication services providers.

The commitment and the resilience of this team has made possible for Caleb University to deploy turnkey solutions with tremendous turnaround time, driven by its mission:

To provide opportunities for a globally competitive education and research in a Godly environment, with visible and positive societal impact.

ICT Center and services will continue to play a central role in the management of the University core business of teaching and learning, research and community services. The advancement of the concepts of Teleworking, e-learning, virtual labs, robotics, big data analysis, internet of things and among other emerging concepts shall continue to transform the way higher education is learned and managed.

We also avoidably deliver first class ICT solutions like Web Development, Web Hosting and Management, TV Broadcasting Services, Radio broadcasting Services, SMS, Email-Services, and Technology Training among others to companies, churches and organization that need them. This is to foster IGR for Caleb ICT Centre.

Our Core Values

  • We strive to abide by the virtues of integrity, honesty and excellence in all our activities
  • We commit ourselves to working as a team, with broad-based consultation
  • We embrace excellence, efficiency and effectiveness
  • We endeavor to carry out our duties with commitment, dedication and professionalism
  • We maintain a sense of self respect, discipline, responsibility and institutional loyalty.
  • We strive to build businesses with our outstanding ICT prowess.

Consult Your Business with CUL Technologies' IT Solutions

We’ll help you navigate today’s ever-changing business environment with teams of technical experts and decades of industry experience.

Adesola-zion Oluwaseun

Chief Systems Analyst

Omisore Ademola

Principal Systems Analyst

Ajilore Marcus

Principal Network Analyst


Meet Our Team

We strive to make the mind-boggling technology invisible. The team work with clients to help them to get-on with their job, without tripping-over the vast array of hardware, software, and peripherals that permeate their organisation. One thing that sets us apart, is our insatiable appetite for technological optimisation.